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Solana is acting as an exception with a strong SOL price increase of 18% in 24 hours and more than 30% over 7 days.
Over the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market shows a growth of 3.63% to $ 1500 billion. However, a day earlier, this same market was melting by $200 billion and $300 billion over a week.

This slight increase on Wednesday, June 9 is mainly due to a rise in the price of Bitcoin by 4% to about $ 34,000. …

Despite lower transaction fees, the volume of activity in DeFi is falling, as are the token prices of the major protocols.
DeFi protocols regularly complain about Ethereum’s congestion and the inflation of fees it generates. These high costs discourage many investors from making transactions.

However, currently, these fees are extremely low. On average, a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain cost $4.82 on May 30. For comparison, it cost about $71 at the start of the crisis on May 19.

Investing in cryptos
Transfers on Ethereum plunge by 60 percent
This downturn, however, is not now a sufficient incentive for traders. The volume…

Bitcoin’s falling price isn’t holding back investors. Crypto lender BlockFi could raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

For its IPO, Coinbase was taking advantage of strong growth in the cryptocurrency market. Would that deal have been similarly successful after the crypto asset crash?

Perhaps not. But this downward trend does not mean a freeze in investments in crypto market players, however. BlockFi could very soon provide proof of this by raising significant capital.

Investing in cryptos
A $5 billion valuation for BlockFi
According to several reports, the cryptocurrency lending specialist is said to be on its way to receiving several hundred million…

Polygon’s (MATIC) price recovered very quickly from the crypto asset crash, ending May very strongly at $1.88.
Not all altcoins show comparable trends in times of crisis. This is the case of Polygon, ex-project Matic. Certainly, like Bitcoin and Ether, its value fell at first.

However, the price of the token quickly returned to growth, almost back to its pre-crash level. On May 18, before the crypto-asset crash, Polygon was trading at $2.45. On March 23, it was capping at $1.08.

Buy Polygon
From $0.82 to $1.88 in May for Polygon
However, the token is regaining ground. The crypto’s value was back…

The rise of DOGE following its listing on Coinbase was exploding transactions, benefiting the largest investors.
Who are the big winners of the listing of Dogecoin on Coinbase? Undoubtedly first and foremost the main holders of DOGE, that is to say, the whales, who are often at the helm during bullish phases.

Since June 3, the cryptocurrency has indeed been trading on the leading American exchange. This trading triggered a sharp increase in the price of DOGE (+40%). This Thursday, the volume of transactions was soaring above $47 billion.

Invest in Dogecoin
Dogecoin: Transactions averaging $1.7 million
That represented a nearly 700% surge in the space of a week. But since then, that volume has largely declined. The value of tokens transmitted in dollars on the blockchain was back to $5.6 billion on June 5 — still higher than Ethereum.

On June 6, this amount remained stable, far from the levels observed…

While it was trading near $38,000 yesterday afternoon, Bitcoin fell sharply last night and overnight, bottoming out at $32,450 around 4am. This represents an impressive drop of about 15% in about 12 hours, which is cause for concern. However, this drop does not fundamentally change the profile of Bitcoin at the moment, and thus could be an opportunity to buy Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin
Let’s start by explaining the reasons for the recent drop, before determining whether this is a good time to buy BTC.

Key factors weighing on Bitcoin

Image Fox Business

Although it didn’t fall sharply during the first…

Coinbase will in turn quote DOGE, which gains nearly 30%. This is the Coinbase effect on the value of crypto-assets.
Is the Dogecoin euphoria definitely over? Probably not. The token has already gone through several episodes of strong increases in 2021, followed by corrections. It is currently going through a growth phase.

Would investors turn away from its clones like SHIB and return to Dogecoin? The cryptocurrency is taking full advantage of the famous Coinbase effect. The listing of a cryptocurrency on the exchange giant allows it to appreciate.

Slow, Coinbase also adopts Dogecoin
Now, Coinbase is just making it known…

P2P auction platform for NFTs Polkally has successfully completed its private sale that raised $700,000. The sale was led by investors such as ExNetwork Capital, Titans Ventures, Bigcoin Capital, and Blocksync Ventures, along with a number of others. The next step is to move to a dual initial public offering DEX (IDO) on both Poolz and Zeroswap (ZeeDO), with the goal of raising $200,000 on each.

Everything you need to know about the public offering
Cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts who have been eagerly awaiting news about Polkally’s public sale can now rejoice: it will begin on May 19, 2021 on both…

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), officially becomes a crypto billionaire at 27 years old. He holds about 333,500 ETH worth $1.05 billion.

The fortune of Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) has officially become a crypto billionaire after Ether rose above $3,000. Looking at his main address on Etherscan, he owns about 333,500 ETH or about $1 billion at the current price. Vitalik Buterin also holds 5460 Maker (MKR) worth $2.8 million on a secondary.

In addition, he reportedly receives an annual salary of about 137,000 Swiss francs (127,000 euros) from the Ethereum Foundation. …

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Voici la différence : essentiellement, vous n’avez qu’un nombre limité d’éléments à personnaliser et à modifier pour faire en sorte que votre article soit classé par le moteur de recherche Google — ou pas, si telle est votre intention.

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